05 May 2011

If you know me, you know that weird and fanciful things happen to me. I have often said I would write a book, chronicling these tales. the book probably wouldn't sell, but it was always just a joke..
on the other hand (there is always that "other hand" isn't there?) blogging might be fun, so I'm giving it a try.


I have always been scared of change, frightened of a disruption to the little life I have carved out for myself.
I have had a lot of new beginnings, and a lot of starting overs, each time hoping that that would be the last time.
but maybe somehow the universe knows that the path I've been set on won't meet my standards and gives me an "out".
In any event, here I am again starting over. new home, new job... 
only not everything is new, I'm not new, I'm still me. I sometimes wonder if the circumstances aren't the issue, but I am the issue. NAH! that can't be it. I'm perfect. (ha ha) seriously though, I am far from perfect. I have my faults the same as everyone else. I like to think that it makes me unique and I truly know that there is not another one like me in the world. 

In this new life that I am venturing into, I hope that I learn from the wrong turns I have taken in this maze and finally find myself and also, find myself happy at last..

Wish me luck, as I'm sure this will be an "interesting" journey 
(interesting in that there are bound to me more than one retarded thing to happen to me along the way)

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