06 May 2011

I had a conversation with The Widow today.. (The Widow, for newcomers, is my mother)
It has always been a bittersweet relationship that she and i share. Not that much different from Mommie Dearest. I as have gotten older (my age will not be mentioned) I can see that all these years I have driven myself crazy trying to win the love and affection of a LUNATIC.
That woman is seriously off her rocker. I cannot fathom how she has managed to get the her age with some of the backwards things that she does and thinks. I also do not honestly know how I am the fruit of her loins??? I am nothing like her. I am caring an respectful and (for the most part) have common sense.

So for this Mother's Day weekend I raise my glass to all of those who have mothers that they can look up to love and respect. I also hold the highest esteem for the mothers that took the time to sacrifice their own happiness and  time and lives to raise their children and not run from responsibility.

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