13 July 2011

Neither rain nor sleet nor diseased legs...

remember that postman's oath? Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night...
Well I would like to propose a re-write to that. How about neither laziness nor stupidity will keep me from my appointed rounds.
I have a mail man that won't check my box for outgoing mail unless he is delivering mail to me. So what happens is that if I have a letter to go out?, it sits there until I get mail.
Now let's think about this.
mailboxes come with flags. those flags have the SOLE purpose of communicating to your faithful postal employee that there is mail to be mailed out, right? (or do I live in some "Mirror" Star Trek universe where everything is backwards)
SO I put the question to you, the general reader, why would it now be an official policy of the United States Postal Service to not require the mail-person ( I'm trying to be P.C. ) to check mail boxes for outgoing mail unless they have incoming mail for that address?? He puts mail in my neighbor's box --right beside mine,-- sees my flag is up and what does the mail-person do?
They blatantly ignore it!!

I think we should all tear off those stupid little flags and demand a partial refund of the purchase price of our box because we got charged for parts we don't need. And don't get me started on the rising stamp prices, because the way I view it, we are paying more for less service
I'm thinking of printing up t-shirts and starting a revolution....
(I wonder if this is where the term "Going Postal" started???)

 Moving on:

I'm not the type of person that gets offended easily, but every once in a while someone does manage to offend me. This week however I was highly offended.
In talking with a state employee about a personal matter, I mentioned that my main mode of transportation was by foot, and coming to the office was not nearly as convenient and she made it out to be.
This woman, (who will not remain nameless because she pissed me off) Marie Whitlock - which she spelled for me apparently assuming that using phonetics was a foreign skill to me) questioned me as to how I expected to  [do what we were discussing] with no car. I told her that anywhere I needed to go I walked to, including my bank, the grocery store, the post office (because remember I have outgoing mail issues) etc. Her tone of voice and unfortunate choice of verbiage is what set me off.  The tone she used was as if  having legs was the most horrid disease known to man. OH MY GOD! I had no idea! Where did I pick up such a ghastly ailment. Could it have been from that man I passed in the store yesterday? Oh my God ,yes, that must be it; he had legs too! DEAR GOD CALL THE CDC!!!  The virus has gone airborne! Sound the alert. Activate the National Guard! Shields up, Mr. Scott, set Phasers on stun!

So without missing a beat and in my best dead-pan ever I told her that, "You know, it's the damnedest thing! When my mother gave birth to me I was deformed, I had two, strange things growing out of my hips. No one one wanted them cut off, because of the high price of surgery so they taught me how to balance myself on them and it turned out to be pretty useful. I figure that God gave them to me, so I will use them."

She told me I was being rude. (Me? Rude? imagine that!) I went on to inform her "... I promise you that I am in much better shape than your fat ass that sits behind a wheel encased in metal everywhere you go.".
 Then I asked for her supervisor and made my complaint..

I never knew that being a pedestrian made one a pariah in today's society. I have never felt as diseased and dirty as when Marie Whitlock spoke to me like that.

next time I will recount being chased down through the park while walking home from the grocery store by a homeless man who was angry I ignored him.

Too many stupid things have happened lately for me to keep up

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