20 June 2011

walk a mile in my shoes

Today I walked 4 miles.
4 miles in the sweltering heat! was I mad?? had I lost my mind? No. I've just lost my job and transportation. So I am left with no choice but to walk where I need to go. Usually it isn't so bad, but today it was 100 and 3 freaking degrees outside. (or so the many bank thermometers told me along my journey) 
After about 5 minutes into my little jaunt  I was drenched! My hair was dripping sweat into my eyes, my shirt was stuck to me with the tell tale ribbons of wetness tattooing my shirt all down the front and back.
I even had a nice little wet spot on my pants so it looked like I'd pissed myself. LOVELY!
But all of that I can endure, because I'm doing what has to be done. 
What I cannot endure are the looks that I get as I'm minding my own business walking down the sidewalk. 

What? Has the population degraded so much that it is unthinkable to see someone using the two legs God gave them? 

Is it that unimaginable that a person walking in the heat will sweat?

Well, to those gawkers I say: 

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