15 June 2011

remember that "new job" of mine that I so proudly added to my list of new things? 
Well it sucks! I should have started regularly working ages ago, but there have been nothing but technical problems! Ya see, it's a work at home/outsourced job. I should be merrily typing away, answering the phone in my pjs on a daily basis dealing with idiot customer who call in for service on the cell phones, but from the giddy-up it has been nothing but a headache. "the system is down" or my network log on doesn't work correctly etc. 
I am at the point of pulling out my eyelashes one by one. I just can't seem to catch a break. Not only have a spent money getting this all set up and paid for training, but I've also had to install a home phone line that I didn't need as well as my own internet (my apartment comes with free wi-fi, but I can't use wi-fi for this, I have to be have an ethernet connection) and now am incurring bills that I didn't have to worry about before and wish to the good Lord above that I didn't have to worry about now because, being that I haven't been working, I haven't been getting paid either. 
So here I am STILL stuck on the measly pittance the Security Employment Commission doles out to me each week, wondering how I am going to get by in what was suppose to be a new start for me.
people, I tell ya, things are bleak. 

Living at the beach is not all it is cracked up to be.
Jobs are scarce when you have to look for something with in walking distance. I take that back, good   jobs are scarce. I could work in one of the many beach stores that are here for minimum wage, but that is not full time work, in a few months the season is over and and I'm right back where I started from. (not to mention that beachwear retail is how I ended up in the pickle of no job, no car in the first place)

Just once I would love for something to go as planned. I would love to get up each day dreading to go to work. If only just for something to do. Cabin fever is setting in and let's face it, I haven't much sanity left to lose ...

so on today's stupid thing that happened:

I was in a store shopping for , well that doesn't matter, I was in a store shopping...
On my way to the register I noticed that their a/c unit was pouring!! water onto the floor; when I get to the checkout I tell the cashier (a boy no older than 15/16 I guess) & tell him about the damage of the clothes on the rack under the a/c vent and the massive puddle. He replies, "All I can say is Oh well, I leave in 5 minutes." & starts ringing my stuff up. REALLY? what the heck is wrong with kids today??  
Granted I have noticed that teens today are definitely the "Me Generation"  - not caring about anything until it directly affects them, but he could have at least called for his manager to let them know. Sure, he probably thinks its a shit job, but (1) you gotta start somewhere and (2) you should at least take some pride in your job no mater what it is. If you are a pig castrator, chop with pride or not at all I say :)

Now that I think back on my money problems, I probably should have gone back down that aisle and "slipped" LOL 
But that would make me no better that half the people I complain about in this world. 
I would rather be poor and be able to face myself in the mirror than shopping til I Drop with money i didn't earn (Ahem! IE the lady who sued McD's over a hot cup of coffee)

Ack! it's 4am!!
Off to bed with me, Lord only knows what tomorrow/today will bring, but if it's interesting I'll post

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